April 2016

Why Mobile Traffic is Undervalued: Raymond James & Associates’ ChannelAdvisor Conference Report

Are leading brands doing all they can to improve their marketplace experience? At the 2016 ChannelAdvisor ecommerce conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, Raymond James & Associates discussed ecommerce trends with leading industry experts – including representatives from Amazon,…

“Come Back Soon!”: How to Encourage Repeat Engagement

As many marketers are well aware, approximately 80% of your sales come from only 20% of your customers. And it makes sense – when customers have an exceptional interaction with a brand, they don’t need many additional reasons to return….

Sending Effective Email in 2016

Today’s consumers demand more than ever from email marketing. They’re looking for email that clearly addresses their needs, that’s contextually-relevant to any actions they’ve performed on other devices, and that offers them a suggestion for the next step. But even…