5 Ways to Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

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Is Pinterest the Original “Data Cache”?


Pinterest, the popular bookmarking platform for product exploration and shopping inspiration, has chiefly been known for having the biggest impact on the discovery phase of the customer lifecycle. Research by Millward Brown Digital reported that 93% of visitors will visit…

Why Was Marketing For This Year’s Thanksgiving Sales So Lazy?


While Black Friday used to be a huge day for brick-and-mortar shoppers, more and more customers are moving away from physical stores in favor of online sales. According to an Adobe report, online Thanksgiving sales rose 18% from 2015 to…

The Problem With “Automatic” Automation


The idea of automating your marketing isn’t new – the right type of marketing automation is critical to successfully engaging with your customers and driving lifetime revenue. But despite understanding how important it is to deliver a personally-targeted message for…

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Email Address Collection


When shopping online, customers are frequently prompted to provide an email address that the brand can use to identify them. It seems minor and probably inconsequential, but it’s a customer’s first impression of a brand and can tell them a…

Using Omnichannel Behavior to Maximize Contextual Relevance


[To learn more about the research we’ve conducted on the marketing strategies of today’s top brands, click here.] One of the key cornerstones of behavioral marketing is contextual relevance – that is, the ability to deliver the right campaign at…

What Google and Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Locations Say About Channel Optimization


Recently, Google and Amazon both announced that plans were in motion to open new brick-and-mortar locations: Amazon is opening a string of “convenience store”-style physical stores that’ll sell a variety of grocery items and perishables, and Google is going the…

Are Your Loyalty Programs Doing Their Job?


Several months ago, Starbucks announced a change to their rewards program that would reward customers based on dollars spent per visit, instead of simply rewarding the number of times they made a purchase at a Starbucks location. This change frustrated…

No One Wants to Buy Twitter – What Does This Mean For Marketers?


As the recent and ongoing bidding war to purchase Twitter progresses, several big-name companies have pulled out as of this month – including, among others, Disney, Oracle, and (most recently) Salesforce. Twitter is now anxiously searching for a brand willing…