5 Ways to Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

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Brick-and-Mortar Stores: The Final Frontier?


A recent article in Marketingland discusses how physical grocery stores are becoming backends to customers’ shopping journeys. Now that customers are frequently conducting their product research and making price comparisons digitally – either on web or on a mobile device…

Customer Ignoring Your Emails? Channel Optimization Is The Answer


[To learn more about our research on the marketing strategies of today’s top brands, click here.] The idea behind being customer-centric over channel-centric is twofold. One, today’s customers are increasingly using multiple devices to complete the same tasks, so it’s…

[WEBINAR] From Acquisition to Retention: Turning First-Time Buyers Into Repeat Customers

  On October 19, Zaius partnered with CPC Strategy for a two-part webinar series called “From Acquisition to Retention: Turning Holiday Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers.” Most brands know to ramp up their marketing efforts in preparation for the holidays each…

WHITEPAPER: 5 Ways to Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

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The Danger of Optimizing Email Based on Clicks and Opens


With the number of channels and devices from which to interact with brands steadily increasing, it’s a relief to know that email is not only your customers’ favorite form of communication, but remains a highly effective one: 72% of customers…

4 Reasons Why Real-Time Triggers Are Important This Holiday Season


Every retailer today looks forward to holiday season – the time of year when customers are most likely to make their first purchases with new brands, when overall shopping activity is at its highest, and when merchandise flies off the…

[WHITEPAPER] 5 Ways to Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers


We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest whitepaper, “5 Ways to Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers.” It’s no secret that most brands today see a significant percentage of their annual revenue coming from holiday sales – for…

What Behavioral Marketers Can Learn From the “Martini” SmartCube


Picture this familiar situation: It’s Saturday night, and you’re out with friends at a crowded bar. Each of you finishes your drink at different speeds, therefore each of you ends up spending precious time waiting alone in line at the…

When One Missed Signal Leads to A Horrible Recommendation


[To learn more about our research on the digital marketing strategies of today’s top brands, click here.] One of the most effective ways marketers can maximize customer lifetime revenue is through delivering contextually-relevant product recommendations. When you understand what each…

Using Segmentation to Drive Brick-and-Mortar Sales


A key part of driving customer lifetime value is using your knowledge about what customers want to make targeted and personalized recommendations for future engagement. When marketers are able to capture and understand both historical and real-time customer behaviors, it…