5 Ways to Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

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Why and How to Stop Batch-and-Blast Marketing

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During the Thanksgiving sales period, we performed an audit of Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails sent over a 6-day period from 26 different brands. This audit was intended to understand holiday email trends and best practices, as well as to uncover…

The Key to Effective Cart Abandonment Campaigns


By now, customers usually know what to expect when they receive a cart abandonment campaign from a retailer – the standard campaign is usually a “Forgot Something?”-style email, with a link back to the abandoned product and an invitation to…

The Dos and Don’ts of the Retail Checkout Process


Did you know that 46% of abandoned carts happen during checkout/payment stage? Most marketers are aware of the infamous statistic that three of every four abandoned carts can be recovered – provided the marketer reaches out while customer engagement is…

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The Problem With Using Online Campaigns to Drive Brick-and-Mortar Traffic


As marketers wrap up campaigns for 2016’s Thanksgiving sales, retailers are citing record lows for in-store traffic on Black Friday this year. Customers are increasingly moving online to complete their holiday shopping, and what was previously one of the biggest…

3 Ways to Manage Customer Relationships in Subscription-Based Retail


In traditional e-commerce, managing relationships with your customers is typically done on a per-purchase basis. We’ve established that getting a customer to more than 3 repeat purchases beyond their first purchase with your brand is critical to ensuring their loyalty…

Browse Abandonment vs. Cart Abandonment


We’ve discussed cart abandonment as being “Marketing 101,” and the fact that it’s critical for brands to be able to reach out the moment merchandise is left behind in a shopping cart for maximum contextual-relevance and for the biggest chance…

The Dangers of Relying Solely on Demographic Info


The beginning of my experience with a retailer that specialized in outdoor workwear for men and women started off promisingly. In addition to asking for my name and email address, the brand gave me the option of noting whether I’d…

How to Increase Email Subscribers Through Private Sales


To learn more about what various retailers are doing to promote their holiday sales, we created an account with an online catalog that has a wide selection of gadgetry and gift items. I provided the brand with my email address…

Is Pinterest the Original “Data Cache”?


Pinterest, the popular bookmarking platform for product exploration and shopping inspiration, has chiefly been known for having the biggest impact on the discovery phase of the customer lifecycle. Research by Millward Brown Digital reported that 93% of visitors will visit…