Most ecommerce marketers know that on average, 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers. This means it’s not only critical to make sure your shoppers have a positive and memorable experience with your brand, but that you need to actively drive repeat purchases as early as possible – so you can see more of your customers coming back for second purchases, and more of your one-time shoppers turning into repeat purchasers.

The Challenge is a Denmark-based ecommerce business that sells a wide range of everyday products – like shampoo, batteries, razors, and smartphone accessories – as well as exciting new products you can’t find in stores, all at low prices. Manillo believes in “better shopping,” and places emphasis on lightning-fast delivery, low prices, and superior customer service (they have an average rating of 5 stars!). But even though is highly-rated and known for delivering one of the best shopping experiences available to ecommerce consumers, they were still struggling to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers – only 10-15% of their shoppers were making a second purchase. Because of their focus on everyday products they had no trouble acquiring new customers, but they hadn’t found the key to generating loyalty.

The marketers at knew that in order to elevate their marketing and increase their repeat purchase rate, they needed more than their existing email marketing technology. They needed to better understand their customers – specifically, the drivers of cross-category purchases and loyalty – and act on that understanding by engaging customers across channels with personalized communications in real-time.

The Zaius Solution

The team chose Zaius as their marketing platform because it empowered them to:

1. Increase the overall reach of campaigns by identifying customers across channels and devices
2. Automate new triggered campaigns, like post-purchase follow-up and welcome programs, based on real-time customer behaviors
3. Leverage dynamic, personalized content to improve relevancy of communications
4. Segment customers for targeted category-specific and product-specific promotions
5. Understand their customer lifecycle stages and shopping behaviors

The Results

It wasn’t long before began seeing stunning results. Armed with a better understanding of how and why their customers shop, worked with the Zaius team to launch new, behaviorally-driven campaigns aimed at increasing their repeat purchase rate. After just a few short months, had doubled their repeat purchase rate, from around 10-15% to 25%. When asked about the impact Zaius has had on their ability to drive loyalty,’s CEO Frederik Boysen said: “Zaius has improved our understanding of why and how our customers shop, and allowed us to automate more targeted, relevant customer engagement. The results speak for themselves.”

Because attracts hundreds of thousands of prospective shoppers and thousands of new customers each month, an increase in repeat purchase rate will lead to massive returns in revenue. And with plans to continue adding new campaigns, optimize Facebook and Google remarketing using segmentation, and hone their cross-selling strategy, expects strong growth in 2017 and beyond.

To learn more about how Zaius is helping B2C companies evolve and scale revenue, visit – or, reach out to us directly at or at 877-658-2570.

Eric Keating

Eric Keating is the Vice President of Marketing at Zaius. When Eric isn’t thinking about marketing or sales strategy, he’s likely to be found with his wife and daughter, exploring the White Mountains with his dog, Barley, or brewing beer at home.

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